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AKM www.akm.com AKM is a world renown leader in CMOS Mixed-Signal IC technology, with a major focus on consumer, automotive, and communications applications. A top 3 supplier of Delta Sigma Audio Converters, DSP’s, SRC’s, SPDIF, and Amplifiers. The number 1 supplier of hall effect sensors and 3-axis magnetometers eCompass. TCXO’s, Video IC’s, RF ICs, BLE, Communication IC’s, Clock/Frequency Control IC’s and Power Devices round out the product offering. Expanded line up of current sensors and motor drivers.

Allied Components International www.alliedcomponents.com Allied Components, Int'l. specializes in magnetic components offering a wide variety of products including: Transformers, SMD Chip Inductors, Power Chokes, Ferrite Beads, LAN Transformers and Magnetics 10/100/100 BaseT, ASDL,VDSL, ISDN, PoE(+) magnetics to IEEE802. 3 and ANSI standards and RJ45 connectors with Integrated magnetics.  

Amphenol Audio www.amphenolaudio.com Successfully designed, manufactured and marketed professional XLR audio and lighting connectors for the world market since1955. In addition to a broad range of XLR's, this high quality, OEM preferred audio connector line includes 1/4" & 3.5 mm plugs and jacks, combo connectors, SP Loud speaker connectors, HP power connectors, XLRnet, AVB connectors and Multi Pin connectors. Amphe-Dante Adapters, AC Series XLR (HDMI/USB) connectors, Colored XLR sleeves.

AZ Displays, Inc. www.azdisplays.com AZ Displays, Inc. is well-renowned for traditional craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Headquartered in Southern California, AZ Displays offers a broad range of standard character, Active Matrix TFT and graphics LCD modules designed for the industrial OEM market. We also have the capability to provide custom LCD panels and custom LCD modules for specialized applications. Universal Development and Evaluation Boards Value-Add, enhancements and integration services.


CMOS Sensor www.csensor.com CMOS Sensor Inc. is a Silicon Valley semi-conductor company that designs and manufactures high quality electro-optical image acquisition solutions.  

IPEX (Dai-ichi Seiko) www.i-pex.com FPC, FFC, MHF (RF) with locking feature, CABLINE Micro-Coaxial, NOVASTACK, MINIFLEX and EVAFLEX Connectors and Plugs   

IPS (Intelligent Product Solutions) www.ips-yes.com Design services company with all engineering disciplines under one roof.  

ISOBAUD www.isobaud.com ISOBAUD is focused on the Optoelectronics and Sensor Markets. We design and manufacture High Performance hybrids and hermetic packages for aerospace, industrial, military and medical applications.  

Kinetic Technologies (Akros Silicon) http://www.kinet-ic.com Our core products are integrated circuits that transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by analog and digital semiconductors and other electronic loads. The Akros team brings together diverse expertise in high-voltage power management, precision analog and high speed mixed-signal designs, PoE and other communication System-on-a-chip (SoC) designs and technologies. EMI/ESD Protection solution for Ethernet applications.  

Mitas Electronics http://mitaselectronics.com/ MITAS ELECTRONICS specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and/or sources "CUSTOM" micro-coaxial cable assemblies for electronic LCD panels and related industries. 

New Japan Radio www.njr.com Saw Filters, RF Switches, Audio ICs, Op-Amps and Doppler Modules  

PrimeView www.primeview.biz Large Format Displays 32” to 105”, Rugged indoor/ outdoor 24/7 operation, designer and mfg. of turn-key solutions, complete design and build of KIOSKS and video walls  

Solitron Devices www.solitrondevices.com Solitron has been dedicated to manufacturing power components for the most demanding high reliability applications including space, avionics and defense.  Standard products include JFETs, MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, and voltage regulators.  When standard solutions won’t fit the application, we can tailor products to meet specific electrical or mechanical requirements.  Solitron’s design expertise has also provided customized versions of dc-dc converters, half/full bridge circuits, motor controllers, IGBTs, and PFC circuits to name a few.  

Transphorm www.transphormusa.com Transphorm is a global semiconductor company, leading the GaN FET Revolution with the highest performance, highest reliability GaN devices for high voltage power conversion applications.  

Union Semiconductor www.union-ic.com Union currently has 4 product lines: power supply, power management, analog switch & multiplexer, system interface and ESD/EMI protection. 

Zettler Magnetics www.zettlermagnetics.com Zettler Magnetics Transformers include epoxy sealed power transformers, open frame, low profile, switching transformers and chokes, while toroids include current sensing, zero phase current sensor, current transformers, PFC chokes and large power line filter inductors. Zettler Magnetics has the design and manufacturing capability to provide custom designs for the most specialized applications.