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Covering NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC and VA

Sigma Sales Corp represents suppliers who manufacture semiconductors, passive, active and discrete components.

RF, Microwave and Wireless ICs, Audio and Video ICs, Connectivity Solutions, Video and Display Enhancement SOC Solutions

Ethernet, USB and Serial Interface Solutions, POE Solutions, EMI/ESD Protection ICs

Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors and Power Mgmt ICs, LCDs, Touch Sensors Solutions, LEDs,

Power Solutions include GaN FETs, DC-DC Converters, EMI Filters, Combos, POLs, LED Drivers, Buck and Boost Converters and Voltage Regulators. Frequency Control Products

Hall Effects Sensors, Core-less Current Sensors, eCompass Magnetometers, Passive Components: Inductors,Transformers and RJ45 Jacks

Audio XLR Connectors, XLRnet, Speaker and High Power Connectors, Amphe-Dante Adapters and Audio Jacks, Commercial and Industrial Headsets and Noise Cancellation Microphones

Companies who provide engineering design services, component engineering services, testing and turn-key manufacturing service

Global sourcing and contract manufacturing services.